Tuesday, December 16, 2008

M@d M@d Christmas SaleS!

Hi dearies =) Do scroll down to see our latest M@d M@d Christmas Sales!! While stock lasts, everything non-restockable! Merry Christmas 2 uuuuu ^^

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas and New Year's Season is Here =D


Dark brown handbag with two chocolaty brown coloured strips at the corner. Love this bag, tops my fav list =) Really good material and there's only one piece available. Its inner side is spacious, you can practically throw in anything ;P We girls luv carrying lot's of stuff don't we =) There's one zipped compartment inside and another just nice to fit your handphone.

Code: 022
Material: Good quality soft faux leather
Length: 35cm
Width: Can be expended pretty wide ;)
Price: RM39 =====> RM35

Black Sapphire

Trendy handbag suitable for outdoors, shopping, actually to anywhere and everywhere. Its of good quality and looks really modern and hip ;P Its not too formal nor too funky. Just simple and looks great! Plus, there's two cute side little pockets inside to keep your handphone in and your keys =) There's only 1 piece available.

Code: 023
Material: Faux leather
Width: Can expand pretty wide ;P
Length: 33cm
Price: RM39
(Sold Out)

Coffee Black

Lovely woven bag. Good quality and comes with a mini coin purse too, a matching duo =) Inside there is one side zip compartment and a middle compartment too. Comes in handy when you don't want your inner handbag to be just oh-so-messy.

Code: 024
RM: 39 (Sold Out)

Bottoms Up Girls!

Feel young and luv to have fun? This cotton shirt is suitable for any occasion, simple yet stunning with glitter fonts. Its really comfortable and is of good quality stretchy cotton. Pair it with a tights or simply wear it alone ;) Brought in two colours and luv em' lots!

Code: 019-Black (Sold Out)
Code: 020-Aqua Blue
Length: 75cm
Size: Free Size
Price: RM25

Black Cat

Comfy cotton black top, could be worn as a mini dress or a top. Its a purrfect combination of lace & cotton for that semi formal look ;)

Code: 021
Length: 70cm
Size: Free Size
Price: RM35 (Sold Out)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank you Will.Shop.Till.Drop for featuring us ^^ <33
Thank you Xash@Diary of an E-Shopaholic for featuring us. Love ya ^^ <33

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Second Season ^^ is Here

Hi gurls ^^ As promised, second batch is here. Sorry for the long wait hehe. Brought in some lovable pieces in =) Here you go ===>

Night Glacier

Black comfortable cotton top. Can be worn as a dress too. Have one for myself too ^^ Goes really well with a waist belt. Free size. It definately has a simple yet sexy look.
Code: 014
Price: RM40 (Sold Out)

Purple Dazzle

Purple cotton cardi. Comes with a really pretty flower design on top left. Simple yet elegant. Comes with a hood too ^^. Free size and is able to zip up fully when it gets too cold. Comfortable to wear and suitable for all times.
Code: 015
Price: RM37 (Sold Out)

Black Stallion

Soft velvet cardi. Really soft and smooth. Purr warmly in it. Free size and can zip up fully when it gets too cold ^^ or just leave it unzip for that casual look. Goes well with jeans too!
Code: 016
Price: RM37 (Sold Out)

Black Berries

Quality satin top with ruffles. Have the pretty office chick look ^^ Comes with cute bottons and the ruffles completes the top with a classy feel.
Code: 017
Price: RM40 (Sold Out)


A really lovely belt, wraps arounds the waist perfectly and just clip it around the loops hence its adjustable. Looks pretty on black outfit or any colour dress or tops =) Have mini diamonte flowers, shinny from near and far. ^^ A must get belt.
Code: 018
Price: RM49 =====> Now: RM35

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank you Fabulously Stylish for featuring us ^^ HugSs <3

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doll Me Up Chocolate Fudge

Cotton doll top with adjustable shoulder straps and side zip. Feel and look young!

Code: 000-1
Price: RM45 (Sold Out)

Black Marina

Stylish black jacket with short puffed sleeve. Get the feminine trendy office chick look!

Code: 000
Price: RM55 (Sold Out)

Moonlight Shimmer (Sold Out)

Head turner soft satin dress. Glow in it!

Code: 001 (Grey) - (Sold Out)
Code: 002 (Aqua Blue) -
(Sold Out)
Price: RM39 (Inner tube not included)
=====> Now:RM35

Glittery Night

A cocktail mix of soft cotton with glittering sequins for that perfect look. Ends with frills to give that pretty detailed touch!

Code: 003
Price: RM45 Now ======> RM35 (Sold Out)

Black Beauty

Be stunningly hot with black beauty; comfortable and classy lacy sheath dress.

Code: 004
Price: RM45 =====> Now: RM35 (Sold Out)

Snow Flakes

Gorgeous crochet and patchwork dress. Snow flakes could be turn into a three tier blue beauty skirt too!

Code: 005
Price: RM59
(Sold Out)

Cotton Candy

Lovely sweet chiffon dress with a pretty ribbon to wrap around you. End it with a cute bow at the back and swirl around with the perfect frills finishing. Feel the sweet side of you!

Code: 006
Price: RM39
=====> Now: RM28

Black Nova
Sleeveless wool jacket with two cute little pockets. Semi casual with a twist of simplicity meets fashionable chic look! Warm me up today!

Code: 007
Price: RM55
(Sold Out)

Silky Escapade

Delicate red silky halter dress for that flawless look.
Code: 008
Price: RM45 =====> Now:RM 37

Black Romance

Fall inlove with the magic of the night. With premium quality fabric and a beautiful bow, you'll be center of attraction in an instance. Comes with adjustable shoulder straps too. Lets dance away into the night of black splendour!

Code: 009
Price: RM55 =====> Now: RM39

Chocolate Latte

Satin with chocolaty strips for that exquisite look. Delicately elegant with chiffon frills at neckline for that flirty fabulous feeling!

Code: 010
Price: RM35 (Sold Out)

Empire Halter Dress

Premium cotton empire halter dress that sets herself apart from the crowd. Added with black embellishments for that immaculate wrap around waist look!

Code: 011
Price: RM55 =====> Now: RM37
(Sold Out)

English Tea Party

Breathe in a new scent of fresh garden flowers. Full lining from within will keep you comfortable. A fresh beautiful English look that will brighten all gloomy days!

Code: 012
Price: RM45 =====> Now: RM34