Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doll Me Up Chocolate Fudge

Cotton doll top with adjustable shoulder straps and side zip. Feel and look young!

Code: 000-1
Price: RM45 (Sold Out)

Black Marina

Stylish black jacket with short puffed sleeve. Get the feminine trendy office chick look!

Code: 000
Price: RM55 (Sold Out)

Moonlight Shimmer (Sold Out)

Head turner soft satin dress. Glow in it!

Code: 001 (Grey) - (Sold Out)
Code: 002 (Aqua Blue) -
(Sold Out)
Price: RM39 (Inner tube not included)
=====> Now:RM35

Glittery Night

A cocktail mix of soft cotton with glittering sequins for that perfect look. Ends with frills to give that pretty detailed touch!

Code: 003
Price: RM45 Now ======> RM35 (Sold Out)

Black Beauty

Be stunningly hot with black beauty; comfortable and classy lacy sheath dress.

Code: 004
Price: RM45 =====> Now: RM35 (Sold Out)

Snow Flakes

Gorgeous crochet and patchwork dress. Snow flakes could be turn into a three tier blue beauty skirt too!

Code: 005
Price: RM59
(Sold Out)

Cotton Candy

Lovely sweet chiffon dress with a pretty ribbon to wrap around you. End it with a cute bow at the back and swirl around with the perfect frills finishing. Feel the sweet side of you!

Code: 006
Price: RM39
=====> Now: RM28

Black Nova
Sleeveless wool jacket with two cute little pockets. Semi casual with a twist of simplicity meets fashionable chic look! Warm me up today!

Code: 007
Price: RM55
(Sold Out)

Silky Escapade

Delicate red silky halter dress for that flawless look.
Code: 008
Price: RM45 =====> Now:RM 37

Black Romance

Fall inlove with the magic of the night. With premium quality fabric and a beautiful bow, you'll be center of attraction in an instance. Comes with adjustable shoulder straps too. Lets dance away into the night of black splendour!

Code: 009
Price: RM55 =====> Now: RM39

Chocolate Latte

Satin with chocolaty strips for that exquisite look. Delicately elegant with chiffon frills at neckline for that flirty fabulous feeling!

Code: 010
Price: RM35 (Sold Out)

Empire Halter Dress

Premium cotton empire halter dress that sets herself apart from the crowd. Added with black embellishments for that immaculate wrap around waist look!

Code: 011
Price: RM55 =====> Now: RM37
(Sold Out)

English Tea Party

Breathe in a new scent of fresh garden flowers. Full lining from within will keep you comfortable. A fresh beautiful English look that will brighten all gloomy days!

Code: 012
Price: RM45 =====> Now: RM34


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i like :)

eddie said...

The site looks great, n the dresses are cool :Þ